A camera allows one to captures a single, thin slice of whatever one wishes to preserve. Within the folds of any subject, an imperceptible silence resides, even resonates– a silence unheard within the nooks and crannies of the ruffles of noise that blanket the world we all live in– such matters hinting that, camera in hand, we can freeze and catch a glimpse of what we can and cannot immediately witness through the possibilities and limitations of our senses. Similarly, infrared photography permits one to capture a quality of light that lies just outside of our visible perception of the world, a quality of light that shines, perhaps, more brightly, more intensely, than we can ever truly experience.  These images merge both these photographic possibilities and focuses them on the minimalist simplicity of trees– some standing solitary, others huddled together, all of them bathing in the silence of light. Such compositions, especially in this day and age of social media and sharing, have become ubiquitous– and perhaps they even border on cliché– but the experience of seeing, really seeing, such moments reveals, again and again, how extraordinary such beauty is as well as how truly human it is to appreciate the simple beauty of the curve of a tree branch, the shapeliness of a tree trunk, and the multiple connections and intersections of a tree’s many lines. By exploring these qualities of silence and light, which reside just outside the scope of our senses, I seek to illuminate such beauty and remind the viewer of the wonder that such things even are.

Oak II.jpg

trees & hills

A series of infrared images of trees on hills and hills with no trees, some trees standing alone others huddled together.
White Tree XI 900x900.jpg

white tree

A series of infrared images of lone trees in California loosely inspired by the White Tree of Gondor from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings.
Redwood Trees I (Humboldt State Redwoods).jpg

redwood trees

A study of the redwood tree forests of Humboldt County in Northern California.
Wind I.jpg


An infrared study of the wind turbines of the Montezuma Hills in California.
White and Black I.jpg

white and black

A study of the high contrast, whitish expression of infrared captured trees in Marin and Sonoma counties of Northern California.