Undulations I.jpg


An Intentional Camera Movement Study of shorelines. Each of these images was achieved by sweeping the camera in either one single motion or several back and forth for approximately one second.
Four Shades of Twilight I.jpg

water and light

The light and colors of twilight by the sea.
2 900x900.jpg

suburban observations

The suburbs often feel somewhat soulless, even heartless, even though they, rather curiously, often have so many trees lining their streets and surrounding their cookie cutter houses. The suburbs are neither city, nor nature, but something acceptably unacceptable in-between the two, a stretch of occupied, built-upon land that encroaches on the city and bounds the edges of the countryside. Perhaps such curious monotonies simply stem from such samenesses ... such unoriginalities of design and order ... as if everyone just gave up on the possibility of expressing anything unique or different or clever or challenging and just settled for what was easiest and quickest and most likely to receive little complaint from those who couldn't care less about such things in the first place. This little series seeks to capture little slices of beauty amongst such repetitious ubiquities. I captured all of these images while walking around the suburban neighborhood I now live in.