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Nathan Wirth, a native San Franciscan, is a self taught photographer who uses a variety of techniques-- including long exposure, infrared and intentional camera movement-- to express his unending wonder of the fundamental fact of existence. Wirth makes his living teaching English Composition at City College of San Francisco.

Latest Images (as of July 14, 2014)

Meant to be experienced as a single piece with three varied movements of threes (that can be considered across, down, and / or diagonally)   I was looking for a way to highlight the sea-like […]

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Latest Updates (July 2013)

I have added two new galleries– as well as new images to the Shorelines, self &, and Infrared Landscapes galleries. New Galleries    

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Latest Updates (March 2013)

I added two new galleries, Rodeo Beach (available in the seascapes album) and Self & (available in the selfscapes album). I also added a handful of new images to the Infrared Landscapes gallery and two […]

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New Gallery: zen garden study

New Gallery in  zenscapes: zen garden study This series is a meditation on Zen Calligraphy. At the risk of oversimplifying things, to write Zen calligraphy masterfully, you must empty your mind and, more or less, let […]

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David Braid Wins 2012 Juno Award for Best Traditional Jazz Album

Congratulations to David Braid for winning the 2012  Juno award for best traditional jazz album for his wonderful collection of solo piano compositions, Verge [note: the excerpt from the composition, “la phare,” which plays on […]

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