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Shoreline Music (c) Nathan  Wirth, 2014

Shoreline Music (c) Nathan Wirth, 2014

Meant to be experienced as a single piece with three varied movements
of threes (that can be considered across, down, and / or diagonally)


Wake (Richard Serra)

Wake (Richard Serra)

I was looking for a way to highlight the sea-like sculptural waves of
Richard Serra’s piece, Wake, which can be experienced in Seattle
at the open air Olympic Sculpture Park. I decided to capitalize on an image
I took back in 2009 and marry it to a long exposure sky that I had photographed
in 2010. My intention was to create an artwork of an artwork, one that used
the parlor tricks of long exposure and compositing to further highlight the
feeling of motion that Serra’s sculpture expresses when you see it in person.
Perhaps, in the end, this is more of an homage to Serra’s intriguing artwork
than anything else.

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