"Come Away With Me" (c) Yalçin Varnali

“Come Away With Me” (c) Yalçin Varnali

Call for Essay Submissions: Place
I am currently looking for personal essays from photographers who have spent a considerable time revisiting a single place and developing a particular artistic relationship with that place. The overall piece, both the written and photographic portions, must reflect your perception and expression of and connection to that place. I am looking for a minimum of a 1,000 words and twelve photos. If you are interested in writing a piece, or have already written one and would like to submit it for my consideration, please use the form below to contact me with your name, email, a brief description of your project, and a link to where I can view photos of the place that you have written about.

Please keep in mind that interviews, features, and spotlights are conducted by invite only.  However, I always enjoy looking at photography so feel free to contact me.


Nathan Wirth, curator, editor, photographer