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Auschwitz No 13 - Poland 2008 (c) Cole Thompson

Auschwitz No 13 – Poland 2008 (c) Cole Thompson

“Lighting tree” width=

“Lighting tree” (c) Moises Levy

Each artist spotlight focuses on the talents of an individual artist whose work speaks for itself. Unlike the artist interviews, the spotlights are focused more on the individual artist shaping their responses to a series of more open-ended questions than the more guided questions I create for the interviews. That said, the set questions were specifically formulated to elicit very personal responses from each artist. In fact, part of the power of these spotlights is to see how each artist chooses to represent his or herself based on their often very individual responses to these seemingly common questions.

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Previous Spotlights

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Nicola Davison Reed
Rohan Reilly
Michael Salmela
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Vassilis Tangoulis
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Rachel Tine
Olivier Du Tré
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