Regan Shercliffe Gallery – Canadian Plains

A Silo © Regan ShercliffeAfter the Rain © Regan ShercliffeBarn in Winter  © Regan ShercliffeBarns and Trees  © Regan ShercliffeBlurred Shack  © Regan ShercliffeBoy in Field  © Regan ShercliffeCountry Church  © Regan ShercliffeFall Storm  © Regan ShercliffeFlipper  © Regan ShercliffeFour  © Regan ShercliffeGrid Road  © Regan ShercliffeNine  © Regan ShercliffeShadows  © Regan ShercliffeSilos Barn  © Regan ShercliffeStone Church  © Regan ShercliffeThe White House (or really bad Chris Friel imitation)  © Regan ShercliffeThree Sheds  © Regan ShercliffeTilt House  © Regan ShercliffeTogether  © Regan ShercliffeTwo Trees  © Regan ShercliffeWhite Shed  © Regan ShercliffeWinter Road  © Regan Shercliffe

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