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Miss Rose 10 (c) Bruno Blais

Waiting for a Moonlight (c) Bruno Blais

A poetic and farcical character playing on the gap in the face of (in front of)  reality:  this is what inspired my photographic project around this feminine character. This series brings into conflict the day and the night, the color to the black and the white, in order to reveal better the complexity of human feelings. We know very well the popular expression about those times when we want to bring into conflict two people or two events: “it is really the day and the night! ”  And, nevertheless, this woman remains herself and wears the same clothes of a long-term swimmer; she kisses (embraces), at the same time, both poles of the human soul.

It is important to find at the same time the spaces in which the character is going to be able to exist and pass on (transmit) its absurd poetry.

In this creation, I like that the model brings his (her) personality, not only its aesthetics but also the choice of its body movements. Just like in cooking (in the kitchen), each brings the ingredients and I like the idea to let intervene the unforeseen, the surprise.

Why the creation of this series?

I work on the fragmentation of our identities during our existence. We build ourselves around various identities, already child with our family and the friends of the family, then at the school and so on without ever stopping (arresting) us. We are established (constituted) by a swarm of others in us; the solitude does not exist really at the bottom even if each of us is alone in the world. Our life needs whim and mockery, but, unfortunately, the laws of our companies (societies) are very too serious and they sentence us to a superficial whim and we never question them. This manipulation deserves reflection.

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Miss Rose

Le Plongeon (c) Bruno BlaisParlez Moi D'amour (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose  (c) Bruno BlaisTake Some Time For Me (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno BlaisNot So Easy (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno BlaisBlack Rose (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno BlaisFraicheur Sentimentale (c) Bruno BlaisL'été Indien (c) Bruno BlaisL'indéterminée (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno BlaisLittle Marcel (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno BlaisMiss Rose (c) Bruno Blais

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